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Fifteen-minute calls typically last an hour because they’re that good.


Startup services from a qualified tech co-founder.


You could eliminate struggle.

You could eliminate your struggle with technology and use the top people.

You could defeat indecision.

You could defeat indecision with access to accomplished entrepreneurs.

And, you could sell more.

You could sell more to those you love and less to those that cause friction.

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Fifteen-minute calls typically last an hour because they’re that good.

Working with the best.


From strategy to coding to sales.

Being an entrepreneur is tough. If you're lucky, you make it to the top quickly - if you're like the other 99%, you will spend a lot of time failing.

For the last twenty years, I've kicked off forty-seven different ideas. Most were learning experiences. A few made it to the moon, clocking up eight-figure profits. After so many attempts, success is not as elusive as it first appears.  That's because one thing has stayed the same - you need to understand technology or work with someone that does.

Execution, experience and technology are the raw elements of a winning project. That's why I am here to help you with your project - whatever it is.

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Mixing psychology & technology always boosts profit - this the essence of MarTech.

Matthew J Shelley

Services designed to help you win at business.


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  • Tech co-founder on demand

  • Marketing strategy

  • Business coaching

  • Masterminds

Done for you.

  • Websites & plugins

  • Sales funnels

  • Email marketing

  • Security

  • Coding

With simple pricing.

  • Monthly retainer

  • Hourly rate

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Fifteen-minute calls typically last an hour because they’re that good.


Challenge accepted.

You’re not alone - every client I’ve spoken with has the same issue as you. You don’t know how to hire anyone in the tech industry. You keep making mistakes, and you keep getting burnt.
  • Coder hasn't delivered what they promised.

  • Customer records and mailing list are messy.

  • Website still doesn't work.

  • Tried and failed to cut IT costs.

  • Everyone talks gibberish.

You didn't start a business to spend all your time doing IT.

I can help you - I have a proven track record of launching businesses online and helping clients just like you solve precisely these kinds of problems.

So, let's get started today. Simply schedule your FREE, no-obligation Discovery Call and get back to growing your business.

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Fifteen-minute calls typically last an hour because they’re that good.

They love my service.

“A treasure trove of wisdom. Having access to someone who's done it before speeds up everything... It's like augmented reality for all my decisions...”

Will Hincks
CEO/Founder of ParkDeals


“I’m a film director and editor, and I just launched my latest documentary. Matt is an incredible resource for anyone out there looking for a professional and highly knowledgeable consultant.”

Gary Turner
CEO of Thrive Films


“An expert in most facets of technology encompassing both front-end and back-end solutions. He is one of the rare consultants that are technically astute in both sides of the coin... My highest recommendation in all areas of technology and strategy.”

Cybill Juarez
Co-founder of The People Shift


“Used his platform to build an epic mailing list of coaches and ended up generating around £10k+ of business in the first few weeks. Highly recommended, great guy to work with.”

Kyle Hi
Founder, Growora.com



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